These are a few examples of very short descriptions of my upcoming novel. Both the novel and these pitches are works in progress. I invite any comments or suggestions below, or you can reach me through my Contact page.

One of the skills that can benefit a writer (and some might say it’s essential) is being able to write a one sentence description of their story or book. Some might call it a Logline; others might call it an Elevator Pitch. The idea, as with all pitches, is to create interest and a desire to know more. This is my most recent version:

A young man with tragedy in his past and a hidden gift becomes a pawn in a battle between two wizards that endangers his world and forces him to sacrifice a way of life that’s kept him safe from himself.


This next example I’m calling my Twitter Pitch, as (with a little condensation) I could fit it in a Twitter post:

Nineteen year old Crislan is tormented by chronic illness and the death of his brother when he witnesses the murder of a child. Now two wizards–the father of the child and the killer–draw him toward a massive showdown, where Cris takes matters into his own hands.


This one is quite a bit longer; I’m calling it my Back Cover Copy:

The treachery of the wizard Ethuelin was nearly forgotten history to Crislan, a story from a generation past. After all, Ethuelin was thought to have been killed 40 years ago, the consequence of his deadly betrayal of another wizard. But when Cris is drawn away from his troubled life late one night by magic, he realizes far more than his own past has come back to haunt him.

Cris knows he needs to live a mundane life. That’s how he has survived tragedy. But when his carefully patterned existence shatters around him as not just one, but two wizards find their way into his mind, exposing things about Cris that he didn’t even know about himself, he becomes locked in a conflict that will determine his world’s future.


5 thoughts on “Pitches

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  2. OK I am ready for more. This isn’t my type of reading but it sounds interesting.


    1. Thanks, Mary Ann! If I can pique the interest of a non-fantasy reader I’m pretty happy.


  3. Mary Kurtenbach August 1, 2021 — 7:31 pm

    What happens next??
    These are great.
    Guess I gotta keep reading…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Mary! Yup, Chapter 1 is here on the site. Stay tuned for the rest!


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